Hi! My name is Stephen Popoola

I help people solve problems using web technology.

Who I am

I am a UK-based Software developer who has always loved solving problems ever since I was young boy. Then I discovered computers in the 80s and since then, there has hardly been a day I haven't solved a problem using the skills I have acquired over the years.

I have worked on and still work on projects of various sizes - from small simple websites running on a single server to large scale applications running on multiple servers powering frontend and backend resources.

What I do

Over the years, I have acquired various skills and competencies that has placed me in different roles as Web developer, Lead Developer, DevOps as well as serving on the board of a company as CTO.

I see myself more as a solutions provider rather than a developer because I focus on solutions and processes. In many cases, developing an application is usually the solution needed but in other cases, what is needed is more of process improvement.

My every-day Technology Stack

I started using PHP when it was at version 3 in the late 90s. It is currently at version 7.2 and has since matured from just a scripting language into a well-structured Object-oriented language.

Vue.js is JavaScript framework for building nice and sleek user interfaces. I began using Vue.js in 2014 when it was released by its Author, Evan You. It is now currenlty at version 2.5.13. It powers most of the sites I currently develop and it is a joy to work with.

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework created by Taylor Otwell. It became popular following the inability of the then popular PHP framework, Codeigniter to evolve into a modern framework. I have been using Laravel since Version 4 which was released in 2014 and have migrated all sites I manage to the current version 5.6.

The Symfony Framework boasts of a set of reusable PHP components and libraries. It is one of the most widely used frameworks and also has quite a large community. I began using Symfony since 2008 when it was at version 1.x and over the years it has evolved and gone through various implementations. Version 4.1 was released March 1, 2018.

Other tools I work with

It is all well and good to design a lovely and sleek website but if you don't have the server to host it, then it just sits on your computer with no one able to see the good work you have done. I began using the Linux operating system since the late 90s. My first Distro was Redhat. I later moved on to CentOS in support of open-source. I work with Ubuntu more these daysom platforms such as AWS, Rackspace and Digital Ocean.


Elasticsearch rebranded as Elastic, is a distributed RESTful search engine based on Lucene. I started using Elastic extensively since before it even released its first stable release in 2014. Elastic allows you to search millions of documents with near-realtime responses. Unlike conventional databases, it shares itself into what is known as shards which can be on one machine or across several machines.

Nodejs is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Prior to Node.js, it was unheard of to develop a JavaScript app as a server. These days, most of my work done on the front-end has some interaction with Node. I recently began to build some Vue.js websites with Server-side rendering powered by Nodejs.


Python is a language I write as a hubby and not for work. I love Python because of its elegance as well as a host of libraries that it posseses out of the box. There are instances where I have written Python script instead of PHP especially when it comes to parsing unstructured data or using it to write functions for calculations.



I believe in giving back to the community. This is why I became one of the earliest members of the Laravel UK community. From the onset we determined that we wanted it to be a friendly, warm and helpful forum for Laravel develoopers in the UK. The aim was to have about 30 members but within one year the community has grown to over 400 including develoopers from other countries who were given a warm welcome.


The YouVersion Bible App is currently the most-widely read Bible application installed on over 300 million devices all over the world. I currently serve as a Team Lead (Android) Volounteer Support Advocate helping and supporting users of the application.

When I am not working

When I am not working, I spend time with my family. I read a lot of fiction, it helps me take my mind off work and relaxes me. I love music and serve in my local church as a Worship leader. I also write a Bible-based inspirational Blog at Biblepraise Online as well as a weekly newsletter.

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